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Rochester Red Wings create outfield art in honor of Byron Buxton's crash into center-field wall

Buxton's crash into wall inspires outfield art

In the second inning of Sunday's Scranton/Wilkes vs. Barre RailRiders-Rochester Red Wings game (the Triple-A affiliates of the Yankees and Twins, respectively), super-prospect Byron Buxton crashed into the center-field wall trying to track a fly ball: 

Apparently, he hit it so hard that his whole body was absorbed into the wall itself, leaving behind mere remnants of his earthly form, like a snake that's just shed its skin: 


Photo courtesy Josh Malek via Twitter.  

Wait … that can't be right, because Buxton hit a game-tying home run in the sixth. At least we think that's him:

Was it his identical twin/possible clone that also hit a walk-off single in the 12th? 

Or maybe, instead of some kind of global conspiracy that involves whole warehouses full of Byron Buxton look-a-likes, the Red Wings simply took some time the day after the game to make a particularly unique piece of outfield art for their center fielder:

Yeah, it looks like that's the best explanation. Shoot. We were really hoping for the army of super-Buxtons.