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Brooklyn Cyclones to host 'Seinfeld Night' with a Keith Hernandez 'Magic Loogie' bobblehead

The Brooklyn Cyclones, the Mets' Class A affiliate, are no strangers to inventive promotions. In recent seasons, their Williamsburg Night offered a discount to fans with beards and their Bellies and Baseball salute to pregnancy started with a pre-game lamaze class.

But this year, the Cyclones have topped themselves. On July 5, Brooklyn will honor Seinfeld's 25th anniversary with a Keith Hernandez magic loogie bobblehead. Not only that, but there will be a number of in-game events sure to please the most die-hard Seinfeld fan. Here's just a sample of the activities listed on the press release

- MCU Park will be known as Vandelay Industries Park for one night only

- Mailmen in uniform get to throw out a ceremonial first pitch ("Hello Newman!")

- Fans can visit the information table for an "airing of grievances."

- The foul poles will be known as Festivus Poles.

- Elaine Dancing Contest

- Anyone named George Costanza will be allowed to join the radio broadcast as a color analyst for an inning

So anyone in the Brooklyn area who's always dreamed of calling a live ballgame has until June 5 to legally change their name. Plus, introducing yourself as George Costanza is a guaranteed ice-breaker at cocktail parties. It's win-win. 

And for anyone out there that doesn't know what the 'magic loogie' is, well, your life is about to get a whole lot better: