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Plan your ballpark outfit for next year with 10 of the most intense fan costumes of 2015

10 of the most intense fan costumes of 2015

Loving a baseball team is an affair of the heart, but sometimes you want to express that feeling to the world at large. In that case, there's really no better way to do it than with an eye-catching costume. For example:


We all know and love the Cat Suit Guys, but which incredible costumes did we discover in 2015? To find out, all you have to do is scroll down: 



Is this Kansas City fan dressed up as a bear or cosplaying as Danny Duffy ?



Style and comfort are important when it comes to fan costumes.



Flashy blazers and assorted barnyard animals are also important.


7 Kiermaier guy

Why just own a Kevin Kiermaier outlaw action figure when you can be a Kevin Kiermaier outlaw action figure?


6 Bear hat

Fans who like Hisashi Iwakuma wear Kuma-bear hats to demonstrate their support. This guy is wearing … something like that.


5 Bird guy

Even though the Royals were playing the Blue Jays when this photo was taken, at least one bird was cheering for KC.


4 Fenway Hat

You know what's great? Hats. You know what's better? Hats that are also shaped like Fenway Park. 


3 Little Joey Bats

Oscar Wood, aka Mini Joey Bats, and his fake beard are beyond "costume" now -- they're simply iconic. 


2 Tattoo Guy

This is the kind of costume you really, really have to commit to.


1 Zack Greinke's Baby

Zack Greinke's baby in a rally banana suit simply take the … um … banana bread … when it comes to costume dedication.