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The historic snowfall in Boston has turned Fenway Park into a wondrous snowscape

Here's what Fenway looks like under Boston's snow

More snow has fallen in Boston so far this February than in any other month in the city's history. And as of Friday, the season's snowfall total eclipsed the heights of even the city's tallest professional athletes -- including David Ortiz.

The historic snow has, among other things, provided some truly awesome photos of Planet Hoth -- I mean, Fenway Park.  


I think that's Luke Skywalker over there in the corner:


Do you think Pablo Sandoval is still enjoying his first taste of snow?


And even with the Sox in Florida, April isn't that far away. This guy has his work cut out for him:


At this point, Boston's snow is a national phenomenon.The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore has been traversing Boston all month, including multiple stops at the Red Sox's ballpark.

Still, while the snow is there, we might as well enjoy the views at Fenway. They have us nearly as amped as Cantore when he hears thunder snow:

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