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It's 'Have a Party with Your Bear Day,' so here's the guest list for MLB's all-bear shindig

Here's the guest list for MLB's all-bear party

According to the vast wisdom of the internet, today is "Have A Party with Your Bear Day." That could mean anything from sipping some tea with a bevy to teddy bears to going to a rave with Smokey from the U.S. Forest Service. Or … it could mean just really enjoying your day with some of the best bears in baseball, like Twins mascot T.C. This young fan is already having a great time with him:


Of course, we already knew T.C. was capable of some pretty impressive party tricks:


And the Twins themselves have proven more than happy to get into the growling, roaring bear spirit:


But who else is on the guest list for this ursine shindig? Danny Duffy, obviously:

We'll put Paddington Bear and Clark the Cub on the VIP list as well:


And these bears who so cheerfully enjoyed a game at Petco Park last year:


Let's go ahead and make sure Mike Garcia, part of the Indians' "Big Four" rotation from 1949 - 54, along with Bob Feller, Bob Lemon and Early Wynn, is included. Why? His nickname was "Big Bear." 


We might as well include Brewers pitcher Gary Beare, too, even though his MLB career only lasted two seasons. Of course, we can't forget Evan Gattis, aka "El Oso Blanco," which translates to "The White Bear."


And why not invite this actual black bear who tried to get in on an American Legion ballgame in Alaska last year?

And last but not least, the guest of honor:


He may not be a real bear, but he did give his name to all teddies. 

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