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On his 46th birthday, here are some photos of Jay Z at Yankees games over the years

On his birthday, Jay Z enjoying baseball games

Jay Z is a rapper. Jay Z is a sports agent. Jay Z is a business ... mannnn.

But first and foremost, like the rest of us, Jay Z is a baseball fan. His team is, of course, the Yankees. So today, on his 46th birthday, we've compiled some photos of Sean Carter at Yankee Stadium over the years. Enjoy.

Young Cold.


"What, these glasses? Two dollars at CVS."


"Your mustache disappoints me, Brett Gardner."


 Solid center-field platoon.


Swedish Fish?


"Yeahhh, we'll call that one a hit."


But seriously -- cheers to Jay Z, cheers to birthdays and cheers to pitchers and catchers reporting in just 75 days!


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