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9 photos of a hockey-fied Yankee Stadium that will totally confuse Yankees fans

Yankees fans, beware: the following pictures may throw off your sense of equilibrium.

Yankee Stadium was totally hockey-fied for the NHL Stadium Series, and Wednesday's matchup between the Rangers and the Islanders was both awesome and disorienting.

For example, this is the home team's locker room, but where are the pinstripes?

The sign says "Yankee Stadium" -- but how are there people ice skating all over the infield?

It's really weird seeing the iconic frieze and a weather report that's so cold:

Why aren't these guys doing the YMCA on the infield?

There are two people in this photograph, but neither is wearing a Derek Jeter jersey. This can't be Yankee Stadium:

I guess this kind of looked familiar:


While it may be odd seeing the stadium covered in snow, it sure is beautiful:

And it was an awesome evening of hockey:

But don't worry, Yankee fans -- in three months, it'll look just like this:

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