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Pirates dress up as superheroes in greatest baseball-themed comic book crossover of all-time

Pirates dress up as heroes in amazing comic crossover

In the 1990s, DC Comics, home to luminaries such as Batman, Superman and Aztek: The Ultimate Man, teamed up with Marvel Comics, the publisher with Captain America, Thor and (my personal favorite) Frog-Man.


Since then, comic book fans haven't had a chance to see their favorite characters from the two universes together again. Until Sunday. 

After the Pirates defeated the Dodgers, 4-3, the team dressed up as superheroes before boarding their flight to Colorado -- like, for example, Superman with an expert hair curl hanging out with Bane that came complete with appropriate Zack Snyder lighting.

@fran_cervelli & @eliasdiaz29

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A squadron of Marvel's cinematic heroes hung out with either a Na'vi or a really off-brand Nightcrawler: 

Jordy Mercer spoke "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight" as he transformed into a member of the Green Lantern corps: 

Jaff Decker and Rob Scahill represented Batman's rogues gallery, and/or got ketchup all over their faces and had to come up with a way to hide the mess: 

Whyyyy so serious..?! #Joker #2face #pirates #costumePartaaay @rscahill53

A photo posted by Jaff Decker (@jdeck22) on

But it wasn't just Marvel and DC that took part. Oh no, this was all the IPs under the sun. Pirates single-season save record holder Mark Melancon showed up as Ken from Street Fighter: 

Jerad Hughes was Scorpion from Mortal Kombat: 

@fran_cervelli & @_jaredhughes

A photo posted by Pittsburgh Pirates (@pittsburghpirates) on

Even the Ninja Turtles showed up, Aramis Ramirez using the secret of the ooze to transform into Donatello while Neil Walker, Travis Snider and Sean Rodriguez took on the mantle of the other Turtles

#Donatello Aramis Ramirez

A photo posted by Francisco Cervelli (@fran_cervelli) on

 All told, this is likely the greatest collection of heroes and things related to heroes (looking at you, guy in the ALF costume) in a baseballing context that we'll likely ever see. At least, until the climatic big softball game that will surely be in "Captain America: Civil War."  


(Photo by Ben Platt / 

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