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Pirates fan catches foul ball, throws it to very thankful girl in different section

We all know the first rule of fan catch etiquette: If you catch a ball, you should give it to a kid. Unless, of course, you're a kid yourself, but even that has its exceptions.

But what are you supposed to do if there are no kids around? During Wednesday's Pirates-Giants game, one fan had just that problem. He had just caught a foul ball, but he wasn't going to just keep it. No, he had principles. That's why he found the nearest cute little girl and gave her the chance to make a catch of her own:


It wound up being more of an alley-oop via the fan sitting one row in front, but he was happy to help:

After all, what's a better souvenir, a baseball or a child's happiness? We know which one you'd pick, unless you're secretly the principal of Crunchem Elementary School: