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Pirates go for high fashion and stealth with new matte black helmets

Pirates go stealth with new matte black helmets

With ballplayer fashions forever evolving, there hadn't been much done in the way of batting helmets. Sure, they've advanced to become more protective, involving more flaps and guards, but the shiny helmets always tended to look a lot like the ones that come with two scoops of ice cream. 

Players like Craig Biggio were famous for trying to camouflage their helmets with pine tar and all manner of forest ephemera: 


But that problem's been solved -- at least for Pirates players. As discovered by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pirates are going with the stealth option of a matte black helmet this Spring. It's just the latest in the Pirates plan to defeat their opponents through subterfuge and black ops since unveiling an alternate camo jersey for this year

Not only is it a very "in" look, coming on the heels of Alexander Wang's all-black collection at New York Fashion Week, but it's a look that Pirates fans have seen before. As pointed out here, Russell Martin was known for wearing a matte black helmet when crouching behind the plate. What a trendsetter. 

Russell Martin

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