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The Pirates Pierogies and the Racing Presidents came to the Military Bowl between Pitt and Navy

Pierogies and Presidents mascots show up at bowl game

Players can use the offseason for all kinds of things -- taking some much-needed vacation, preparing for Spring Training with the latest exercise regimens, building a budding acting career. But while the rest of us hibernate through the long, cold winter, we must ask: What about the mascots? What do baseball's biggest cheerleaders do when there's no baseball to cheer?

Thankfully, at least two of MLB's finest were able to put their spirit and shenanigans to good use on Monday at the Military Bowl. The game pits the University of Pittsburgh against the Naval Academy, and both schools brought in some local reinforcements: 

Of course, our nation's finest statesmen were on-hand to cheer on the midshipmen:

Luckily, the festivities appear to be civil and peaceful -- we'll need to keep an eye out, though, because there is some history here.


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