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Pirates plan to blend in with scenery in new alternate camouflage jersey

Photo Credit: Pirates

The Pirates' success over the last two years has been thanks to Andrew McCutchen's ability to hit anything and everything, their pitching staff getting ground balls like nobody's business (the Pirates lead the Majors in ground ball percentage over the last two seasons) and shifting the infield as if that was the secret to existence. 

In 2015, they plan on beating the opposition through subterfuge. At Pirates Fest on Saturday, the team unveiled its new alternate camo jerseys which it'll be wearing on Thursday home games. 

Though the Pirates weren't wearing the unis last season, we contacted our top image analyst to take a look and imagine how the Pirates will look on the field next season.

I mean how is a pitcher going to pick off a runner if he can't even see where he is? 


And I have to imagine that the team's shifts will be even more effective if the batter has no idea where the fielders are aligned. 

 Pirates 2

And Pirates batters will surely draw more walks when the umpire can't tell where the strike zone is. 


I mean, that's how camo works, right?