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Pitchers and catchers report today, and they're probably going to hug it out

Pitchers and catchers are reporting (and hugging)

Today is a big day on the MLB calendar. After months and months of hot stoves and cold days, pitchers and catchers are finally reporting to Spring Training. It's a special day because it means that sweet, sweet baseball is coming back.

The bond between a pitcher and his catcher is as old as the game itself. And, even now, with the advent of pitch-framing data, we're understanding their relationship on a deeper level.

But, the eye-test has always shown just how linked these two positions are. After all, who's the first person a pitcher celebrates with?

That's right -- the catcher.


And so, in honor of pitchers and catchers reuniting today in the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues, let's take a look at this affectionate bond and its most common manifestation:


You see, the catcher is always there for the pitcher -- after every victory:


And after they've both recorded their final out:


He's there for every complete game:


And the perfect games:


And even when a pitcher comes oh-so-close to pitching a perfect game:


Or, even if he's just finishing off a no-no:


They hug when the team clinches a division title:


And a trip to the World Series:


And, of course, when the closer gets that 27th out of the last game of the season -- winning the World Series. Especially if it's the franchise's first one:


Or even if you get to do it three times in five years:


Welcome back to baseball for all the pitchers and catchers! Just think -- this could be you in just a few months: