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Prepare your ears for Ron Cey's 1976 hit country single, 'Third Base Bag'

Listen to Ron Cey's 1976 hit single, 'Third Base Bag'

From 1974-79, Ron Cey was one of the best players in the game. The third baseman went to six consecutive All-Star Games while hitting .269/.370/.454 and averaging 24 home runs per season. Cey would remain a productive player for another eight seasons, winning the 1981 World Series MVP Award with a 7-for-20 performance against the Yankees. 

But no hit was bigger than his 1976 recording and ode to his position, "Third Base Bag." 

Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. As Dan Epstein recounts at FOX Sports

"'Third Base Bag' received regular spins at Dodger Stadium, where copies of the single were available at the souvenir shop, and it got enough local airplay that [songwriter Clyde Curtis] Ligons (according to [former catcher Jim] Campanis Sr.) made a few hundred bucks in songwriting royalties. Ultimately, though, the only chart it made was Dr. Demento's year-end Nifty 50 for 1977, lodged at #49 between National Lampoon's 'Deteriorata' and Sulu's 'I Love Your Toes.'"

Cey admits that "it may have sold thirty copies worldwide." Which, hey, he shouldn't feel bad. After all, this was only a single, while then-Ron Artest/now-Metta World Peace's 2006 full-length moved only 343 units.

And thanks to the power of the internet, you can hear the soulful B-side to Cey's single, "One Game at a Time." With lyrics like "And when the man in the moon turns on his nightlight, I want to look that man straight in the face and say, 'Hey, I did alright,'" you can forget the sounds of ocean waves or orca whales -- this is the perfect song for before bedtime listening. 

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