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Rejoice, the Giants-Rangers game gave us another entry in the Prince Fielder Belly Flop canon

Fielder pulls another belly flop on slide into second

Prince Fielder is a large man. As such, he's got a whole bunch of force to apply to whatever direction he happens to be moving. (We're no physics majors, but this is what we've been told.) And so, when Prince Fielder falls, Prince Fielder gets his money's worth -- whether it's attempting to dive back to a base ...

Fielder flop

... or failing to successfully round third:

Fielder flop 2

But Prince does not simply fall -- he embraces the ground with gusto, constantly expanding his pratfall portfolio like a man who will do anything to get his teammates to laugh at him from the dugout. So, having conquered third base, Fielder moved on to second during Saturday's Giants-Rangers game. And rather than involuntarily belly flopping, he leaned into the curve with a headfirst "slide":

Prince flop

Any manager who pinch-runs for Prince Fielder is a cruel, cruel soul. 

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