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Once you start watching Prince Fielder dancing in the dugout, you may never be able to stop

Prince Fielder homers, dances delightfully in dugout

The plot of David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest" partly revolves around a film that is so compelling people literally die because they can't do anything else but sit in front of the video screen and watch endlessly, over and over. On Wednesday night, Prince Fielder showed off his best interpretation of what that might look like.


Do we ever want to stop watching Fielder dance in the dugout? No, we do not. Can we ever stop watching Fielder dance in the dugout? We'll have to let you know tomorrow.

This delightful (and addictively entertaining) moment came a couple of innings after Prince Fielder hit a two-run home run on Wednesday night, his fourth of the season, in the second inning of the 5-2 Rangers win against the Royals.


But nevermind that. Because he danced in the dugout, and that is the only thing that may ever matter ever again:

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