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Put on your swim trunks and relive the first home run hit into Chase Field's swimming pool

17 years ago, Mark Grace debuted the pool shot

When the D-backs made their MLB debut on March 31, 1998, so too did Chase Field (then known as Bank One Ballpark) -- which means that it was also the first MLB game played featuring the pool just beyond the outfield wall, 415 feet from home.

But it wasn't until a month and a half later, on May 12, 1998, that the world would witness the first home run ball plunging into the pool's depths.

And lo, Cubs first baseman Mark Grace debuted the pool shot with a solo homer against the team he would join three years later.


Can you imagine what it was like to witness the first pool-dunked homer firsthand? No wonder everyone in the vicinity looks like they're losing their minds. Also, kudos to the guy who came up with the ball: Diving in head first without hesitation while fully-dressed in T-shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers takes spirit.

The ball Grace launched in the sixth inning put the Cubs ahead in a game they'd win by a single run, but it will be forever remembered in baseball lore as the first to go for a swim in the Chase Field pool. There have been others since, but you never forget your first. 

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