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Rafael Palmeiro will be making a comeback to play on his son's Independent League team

If "Field of Dreams" taught us anything, it's that Shoeless Joe Jackson bears a remarkable resemblance to Ray Liotta, but also that nothing brings a father and son together like baseball -- whether it's a game of catch or something simple, like going back-to-back with your old man in the big leagues. 

But, Griffeys aside, it's not often that father and son get to actually play together competitively, at any level. But that's the chance Rafael Palmeiro will have this weekend when he suits up for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League, a team that A) has a little experience in the novelty signing department and B) also includes Palmeiro's oldest son Patrick: 


Palmeiro's now 50 and hasn't played in a professional game since 2005, but hey -- if Mr. Burns can still lay down a bunt with the best of them, anything is possible.