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The Rangers' 'S'mOreo' is the ballpark food you've been waiting for

Rangers introduce Sm'Oreos, bacon cotton candy

The D-backs may have their churro dog and the Timber Rattlers may have their funnel cake cheeseburger, but leave it to Texas to be the Elizabeth I of this golden age of ballpark food. 

This year, the Rangers are busting out a whole new arsenal of fried magnificence at their brand new food stand, State Fare. Inspired by the State Fair of Texas (get it?), there will be funnel cake fries, brisket macaroni-and-cheese balls and S'mOreos. Yes, you read that right: It's a deep-fried combination of a s'more and an Oreo:

In case you want savory flavors but only want to eat dessert, another new stand called Just Bacon will serve cotton candy. Guess what it tastes like?


As wonderful as this all seems, you know what your mother would say: You need at least one vegetable on the plate. Luckily, State Fare has that taken care of:goodbyearteries

That's corn on the cob … chicken-fried. 

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