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Rangers accidentally give reporter Gatorade shower after Josh Hamilton's walk-off double

Rangers give reporter Gatorade shower after walk-off

No one is hotter than the Rangers right now. After trouncing the Yankees with a bunch of crooked numbers last weekend, and taking a series from the Indians this week, Prince Fielder and Co. took their show back home to Arlington where they won three out of four from the Red Sox.

That third win against the Sox came courtesy of a pinch-hit, walk-off double from Rangers outfielder and prodigal son Josh Hamilton.

Bartolo AB 2

As is customary with baseball tradition, Hamilton's teammates attempted to cleanse his palate with a nice Gatorade shower during the postgame interview and Fox Sports reporter Emily Jones learned a valuable lesson about what experts call the "splash radius:"

There's a Carrie joke in there somewhere. Hope she likes fruit punch.

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