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Rangers sign Rougned Odor's younger brother ... who is also named Rougned Odor

Rangers sign Rougned Odor's brother, Rougned Odor

You met up-and-coming Rougned Odor last season when the 20-year-old middle infielder notched 100 hits in his rookie campaign for the Rangers.

Now, meet Rougned Odor's younger brother ... Rougned Odor.

The younger Rougned Odor followed in his brother's footsteps (something we're sure he's accustomed to by now) and inked a deal with the Rangers on Thursday.

He's also a middle infielder, so brace yourselves to be, like, really confused if you're listening to Rangers Spring Training games on the radio.

Ground ball to Rougned Odor ... Odor fields and flips it to Rougned Odor ...

The older Odor spoke to about his brother's signing, and pointed out that their names aren't exactly the same:

"We have different middle names," Odor the Elder said.

Odor said he did not persuade his brother to sign with the Rangers.

"I just wanted him to get a chance to play, I didn't care what team," Odor said. "But Texas signed him."
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