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Raul Mondesi, one of three Raul Mondesis, is added to K.C. World Series roster

Raul Mondesi was added to the Royals' World Series roster on Tuesday. If he plays in one of the games, Kansas City's No. 1 prospect will be the first player to make his Major League debut in the World Series.

But that's not the best part. That's not the most fun part.

Raul Mondesi Jr. is the son of former All-Star Raul Mondesi and also the brother of former Rays/Brewers prospect Raul Mondesi Jr. Yes, that's three Raul Mondesi's in one family. That's Rougned Odor territory. That's a whole 'lotta Mondesi:


To clarify, since the former Brewers/Rays Mondesi is also a "Jr.", the Royals' Mondesi is sometimes referred to as Raul Adalberto Mondesi. Although, Raul Adalberto Mondesi also has "Jr." in his Twitter handle -- even though the senior Raul Mondesi, currently a mayor in the Dominican Republic, goes by Raul Ramon Mondesi. 

Good, glad that's cleared up.

Let's just hope that if he does get in a game, the newest Mondesi big leaguer has the same rocket-fueled arm that his dad once had: