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The Rays held Kevin Kiermaier Outlaw Action Figure Night, and one fan dressed the part

Rays fan dresses up as Kevin Kiermaier action figure

Fashion yourself a diehard fan of your favorite ballclub? Maybe you have a lucky jersey you still haven't washed since that crazy walk-off win, or you only sit in the same two stadium seats that your family has passed down for generations. Whatever the extent of your fandom, take that amount, add a few zeros and crank it to 11, and you may approach Rays superfan Lenny -- or, as he was known during Saturday's Royals-Rays game, The Outlaw:


Not that any context is needed for this to be awesome, but anyway: While he was in the Minor Leagues, Tampa center fielder and baseball Evel Knievel Kevin Kiermaier earned himself a nickname thanks to his fearless defensive exploits -- the Outlaw.

Now a mainstay in the Tampa outfield, Kiermaier hasn't slowed a bit out in center, and the nickname has stayed with him. So the Rays hatched one of the great promotional ideas in the history of commemorative action figures: Kevin Kiermaier Outlaw Action Figure Night. 

Once he had heard the good news, Lenny's choice was clear. "I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to so this," he said. Amazingly, he says he already owned the hat, and he got the duster from a friend (really, what else are friends for?). As for the bandana, well, that he had to buy, because "it was too good."

Fully absorbed in his new role, Lenny can be seen here surveying his domain, prepared to dispense justice. He's a modern-day Tom Joad: Wherever there are action figures to be collected, he'll be there; wherever there are bandanas to be worn, he'll be there; and wherever there are baseball games to be enjoyed, he will definitely be there.


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