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Cast your ballots: Raymond has been nominated for Most Awesome Mascot

At long last, a prestigious body has recognized the important work of perhaps baseball's most underappreciated mascot: Raymond the Ray has been nominated for a Cartoon Network Hall of Game Award.

Raymond will represent MLB in the Most Awesome Mascot category -- going up against fierce competitors Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls), Bailey the Lion (LA Kings) and Swoop (Philadelphia Eagles).

In 2011 -- the Awards' inaugural year -- the Phillie Phanatic lost out to Bango of the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2012, the Indians' Slider was bested by SJ Sharkie from the San Jose Sharks. Earlier this year, the Denver Nuggets' Rocky the Mountain Lion won the award over the Giants' Lou Seal.

Should Raymond win, he'd be the first MLB mascot to bring home the hardware.

Want to vote? Let your voice be heard by clicking here.