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Recovering from spring rattlesnake bite, John Axford's son throws out first pitch

Axford's son throws out first pitch at Coors Field

During Spring Training, Rockies closer John Axford's son Jameson was bitten twice on the foot by a rattlesnake. Though he's still recovering, he made it to Coors Field on Friday night to do his best impression of his dad:

It's a pretty good one, too. Earlier in the week, Axford told's Thomas Harding that he wasn't quite sure which hand Jameson would throw with: 

"In the hospital, over the whole time, he was throwing with his right and with his left hand, so I'm not too sure which one he'll choose when he's out there," Axford said. "So he has both gloves."

Axford is a righty, and it looks like Jameson is too: 


His older brother JB makes a pretty good catcher as well. Are we witnessing the beginnings of MLB's future greatest sibling battery? We can only hope. 

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