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Episode 18 of the Cut4Cast: An Interview With Joe Kelly (But For Real)

Joe Kelly appears on Episode 18 of the Cut4Cast

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Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly can predict the future. We know this because, in 2013, he showed the world an essay he wrote as a child that accurately predicted (well, mostly) his baseball-playing career. 

However, with great power comes great responsibility -- and, knowing this, we decided to ask Dancin' Joe to gaze into the future and let us know exactly what will come to pass. What better forum to do so than in this week's Cut4Cast? He also told us what he calls his beard and talked about helping Red Sox fans achieve iconic Boston facial hair looks. You can watch very brave fans let him sculpt their beards here

In addition to our conversation with Kelly, Cut4 writers Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Michael Clair discussed the importance of facial hair for the ballplayers of today and questioned whether or not it was possible to jinx an in-progress no-hitter.

If you want to skip to your favorite topic, here's a guide to the episode: 

4:29 -- If you were a baseball player, which facial hair style would you choose to sport?

13:22 -- Can you jinx a no-hitter?

23:00 -- An interview with Joe Kelly

And when you tune in, you can figure out why we said things like this: 

Gemma: "Maybe science is not the way to go -- it's magic and art. Beards are magic."

Michael: "In our universe, yes, Pineda didn't throw a no-hitter. But, there are other universes where he finished it. There are other universes where he finished it and was coronated as a king or a god."

Joe: "Wade Miley and I -- we're both in the Amish crew."

Dakota: "Sir Kanye West -- because, if I were king, he'd be the first person I would knight."

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