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Remember that time umpires found a nail file in Joe Niekro's back pocket?

Michael Pineda was suspended 10 games for using pine tar during Wednesday's Yankees-Red Sox game after umpires discovered a noticeable smear on the right side of his neck:


It was just the latest in baseball's long legacy of pitchers attempting to gain an advantage. For another great moment in ball-doctoring history, let's take a trip back to 1987. Twins knuckleballer Joe Niekro is on the mound against the Angels. Halos manager John McNamara complains to umps that Niekro's knuckleball is knuckling more than it should be, so they search the righthander. Niekro swears he has nothing. But then:


The Twins starter was suspended 10 games for the emery board. His cuticles would never be as pretty again.

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