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On Eat a Red Apple Day, remember to eat, not boo, a red apple

Remember when Mets fans booed the HR Apple?

National Eat a Red Apple Day falls on Tuesday, and it was created, well, nobody has any real idea why it was created. Probably because it's good to eat apples. So go eat an apple today and every day forever and ever.

Just don't boo an apple. Don't be like these Mets fans during a game six years ago.

Fernando Tatis hit a home run to left field during a 9-7 win over the Reds. The Home Run Apple, perhaps tired from a recent Brian Schneider dinger, failed to rise into the air for the Citi Field crowd:

Fans yelled at the apple to get a move on and then began booing the giant, mechanical fruit. According to, Tatis was perplexed by the response:

"I don't know why the fans were complaining about it," Tatis said. "Somebody said the apple was not coming out. I was like, 'What?' There's nothing I can do about it."

But there is something YOU can do about it. Go eat a red apple on National Eat a Red Apple Day. That's what the Mets' Home Run Apple would want. That's what your doctor would want. Because apples are meant to be eaten, not booed.

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