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Remembering Sam Byrd: The only guy to play in The Masters and the World Series

Sam Byrd: Only guy to play in WS and The Masters

Sam Byrd is the Moolight Graham of the World Series.

In the ninth inning of Game 4 of the 1932 Fall Classic, Byrd replaced Babe Ruth and manned left field for the Yankees. He never got an opportunity to field a ball as a groundout to second base, a strikeout and a fly ball to right field wrapped things up for the Bronx Bombers.

That ninth inning cameo in Game 4 was Byrd's only World Series appearance.

By that point, Byrd replacing Ruth at the end of games (either on the bases or out in the field) had become so commonplace for the Yanks that Byrd earned himself the nickname "Babe Ruth's Legs."

When he was only 29, Byrd retired from MLB to pursue a career in golf, and you could say that that move worked out for him: Between 1942 and '45, Byrd won six PGA tournaments. He lost the final round of the '45 PGA Championship to Byron Nelson in match play (shown above).

More importantly, Byrd played in The Masters five times, finishing tied for 14th in 1940, third in '41 and fourth in '42. To this day, he's still the only person to ever play in the World Series and compete at The Masters. (Well, at least until John Smoltz earns a spot on the PGA Tour and/or the Angels sign Rickie Fowler to play second base for their 2015 postseason run.)

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