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Reminisce with us: Which uniforms of yore should be brought back?

In case you haven't heard: The Padres are celebrating "Way Back Wednesdays" during the 2015 MLB season by bringing back brown pinstriped uniforms. But why stop there? The Padres' announcement today inspired the folks on MLB Tonight and its viewers to brainstorm a few other retro uniforms they'd like to see make a comeback.

You know, like the 1986 Mets racing stripe unis:


Or the 1976 lower-case A Braves:


These Reds uniforms from the late '90s aren't that old, but still:


The Phillies' pastel blue-on-maroon were a masterclass in color-matching:


And these White Sox shorts -- yes, shorts -- from the '70s before on a runway, somewhere, somewhen:


And basically any uniform Willie Stargell ever wore deserves to be resurrected:


Did we forget any?