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Replacing The Captain: Didi Gregorius comes with his own official title

The Captain is being replaced by 'The Knight'

As Yankees fans slowly accept the fact that Derek Jeter won't be suiting up at shortstop next season, they are slowly learning details about the man who will be playing him: Didi Gregorius. Wait -- excuse us, that's Sir Didi Gregorius.

As's Bryan Hoch reports, the former D-backs shortstop was indeed knighted in Curacao three years ago, after his turn on the Netherlands' championship IBAF Baseball World Cup team. Which of course makes him a sir -- just look at his Twitter account.

But Gregorius isn't one of those stuffy, hoity-toity sirs. "I don't really mind if they just call me Didi. It doesn't really matter," he said on his regal title.

Still, we absolutely will be calling him Sir Didi Gregorius, or, to borrow from the previous shortstop's nickname, The Knight. Because the list of possible nicknames reads as follows, regardless of real-life rank, from least to most awesome:

  • The Earl
  • The Duke
  • The Prince
  • The Admiral
  • The King
  • The Knight

"The Knight" is just too cool. Batman is The Dark Knight for a reason, you know.

We're not going to say that Yankees fans shouldn't miss The Captain -- but if you have to replace him, who better than The Knight?

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