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Rex 'Wonder Dog' Hudler returns to St. Louis

Little did Cardinals fans know what they were about to see when Rex Hudler crashed into town in April, 1990.

The Arizona native quickly endeared himself to Cardinal Nation with an all-out playing style -- diving, sliding, and forsaking his body, all in the name of victory and inspiring teammates.

Hudler quickly earned the nickname "Wonder Dog," and a local columnist started a fan club in his name as a tribute to the hard-nosed and enthusiastic approach on the diamond.

"I'd be looking at the crowd and I'd see spit flying out of their mouthes," said Hudler, who played three of his 13 big league seasons in St. Louis. "They were rabid. I told myself, 'Wow, self, you're an entertainer. You're entertaining these people.' I got an adrenaline rush on that. I couldn't wait to get up there again. I couldn't wait to make a play for the fans.

Now a member of the Royals' TV broadcast team, Hudler reveals plenty more about his time in The Lou in the video interview above.

-- Gabriel Kiley

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