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Remember that time Rob Dibble pegged Doug Dascenzo (with a ball in-play) for bunting on him?

You know how you can tell that the Reds bullpen had a bit of a reputation in the early '90s? By the fact that they're affectionately called the "Nasty Boys," that's how.

And relief pitchers Norm Charlton, Randy Myers and Rob Dibble did what they needed to do to maintain that reputation: Running over catchers, pegging batters, cutting their cured meats with a machete on the clubhouse floor ...

Point is, they were crazy. And if you need hard evidence of that, please allow us to direct your attention to People's Exhibit A: This footage of Rob Dibble pegging Cubs outfielder Doug Dascenzo as he ran toward first base after a squeeze bunt:


See, Dibble took particular exception to the idea that it was OK for batters to bunt on him. Dibble had already surrendered one run in the eighth inning of that game on July 23, 1991, when Dascenzo laid down the squeeze bunt to bring Rick Wilkins in to score and put the Cubbies up, 6-4. 

In the MLB Network documentary on the Nasty Boys, then-Reds right fielder Paul O'Neill confessed that Dibble pegged Dascenzo on purpose. 

Dibble himself said, "Was it ridiculous? Absolutely. Not the bunt itself, but the fact that you're trying to rub our noses in it pissed me off more than anything."

He was ejected for his trouble and the Cubs went on to win, 8-5.