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Rockies fan freaks out, still can't believe he caught a foul ball

Rockies fan freaks out after catching foul ball

You've dreamed of catching a foul ball your entire life. You've plotted it out with a Homeland-style bulletin board where you've plotted the most abundant foul ball areas. You rub lanolin into your palms every night so they'll be soft enough to catch the ball when it comes to you. 

And yet, despite all of this preparation, when a foul actually comes to you, when your years of dreaming come true, your brain deserts you. Sure, the body is still functioning, but your mind has gone bye-bye.

Which is exactly happened to this Rockies fan when he collected a foul ball on Friday night. After collecting the ball, he had a little freakout.

Rockies fan

"Idon'trememberhowtobreatheanymore Idon'trememberhowtobreathe Idon'trememberhowto -- HOW DOES A PERSON BREATHE? I think I can see through time." 

Which, hey, you can't blame the man. After all, no matter how much time you spend practicing at home, there's nothing like the real thing. 

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