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Behold: The Rockies held a Mullet Cap giveaway at Coors Field, and the Giants' booth got into it

The mullet remains one of mankind's most deeply misunderstood hairstyles. Sure, it may give off the vague impression that a woodland creature somehow managed to 1) climb on top of your head and 2) promptly die there, but is there not some sort of honor in that? Have we no respect for the man who can stare decency in the face and coolly reply "No, my Ratt records and I are good, thanks"?

Thankfully, the Colorado Rockies realize the brilliance inherent in the mullet (they do have some experience in this department), and have decided to celebrate accordingly during Sunday's game against the Giants. That's right, everybody -- it was Coors Field's Mullet Hat Night, and even the Giants' broadcast booth got in on the action: 

Rockies mullets

The first 10,000 fans got one of these bad boys, and we can only imagine the untold millions they'll sell for online. We'll start the bidding at 100 dollars, plus a commemorative John Kruk bobblehead. It's only fair