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The Rockies made chalk outlines for both times Eddie Butler fell down while rounding third

If you've ever trained for a 5K or even just played that incredibly hard computer game where you press four keys until you want to scream, you know that running is hard. It's why it's better just to watch athletes run for us from the safety of our immobile couches. Even then, though, our highly skilled professionals have a difficult time succeeding all the time. 

Take the Rockies on Friday night. After DJ LeMahieu doubled off the wall, Colorado starter Eddie Butler tripped not once, but twice while coming around third before being tagged out. 

His teammates made sure Butler didn't forget the embarrassing moment, though. The next day saw both a masking tape outline of Butler's fall near the dugout and then two chalk outlines on the basepaths commemorating his two separate descents to the Earth. 

As for who may be responsible, the Rockies starter has a few guesses

"We have a couple good pranksters here in the clubhouse," Butler said. "[Brandon] Barnes could be a culprit. It could be [LaTroy] Hawkins that told them to go out there and do it. We had good fun with it last night, though."

We assume that manager Walt Weiss made sure Butler was given a little extra training in the QWOP simulator on Saturday.