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Listen to Ron Darling recall his favorite postseason moments that he's broadcasted

Ron Darling recalls favorite postseason moments

Former All-Star pitcher and current MLB on TBS broadcaster Ron Darling is no stranger to big October moments. Darling was a huge part of the 1986 World Series-champion Mets team, one of the more legendary teams in baseball history. While his playing career concluded in 1995, Darling transitioned quickly into the broadcasting booth and has been one of the color commentators on Mets broadcasts, alongside his former teammate Keith Hernandez, since 2006. He also regularly appears on MLB Network as an analyst. 

Darling has also been broadcasting postseason games for TBS since 2007, and has been present for several of the most dramatic October games in recent baseball history. We wanted to hear which moments stood out the most to Darling, and his memories of them as they happened in front of him. Darling will also be broadcasting the American League postseason this season on TBS, so we wanted him to give his best guess at which team is most likely to have a legendary October moment. 

Check out the video at the top of the page to hear more. 

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