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Royals fan wisely chooses World Series over trip to Paris

KC fan picks World Series over trip to Paris

Paris is great. There's crepes, the Eiffel Tower and talking candles

But the World Series? THE WORLD SERIES?! Dingers, bunts, blue beards, catsuits and, um, dingers?

So, when given the choice by her husband to visit France's capital city or go to World Series Game 2 between the Mets and Royals on Wednesday night, Amanda, a Royals fan from Cincinnati, of course, chose the latter.


"It's a no-brainer," she said. "I've been a diehard Royals fan for 10 years."

Fortunately, she was treated to a sweet 7-1 win by the home team. And don't worry, Paris, you're still on the must-see list.

"I know I can convince him 10 years later to do Paris again."

Maybe she can also convince her husband to get tickets for Friday's Game 3 at Citi Field (7:30 p.m. ET air time on FOX, 8 p.m. game time).

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