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Royals fans learn the power of teamwork trying to reel in a slippery foul ball

Royals fans learn power of teamwork catching foul

Learning to work as a team, learning to cooperate with another human being to accomplish a singular goal, is an important part of growing up. It's a humbling, yet mature realization that there are just some things a person can't do on one's own.

Like catching a foul ball that is determined not to be caught.


When James McCann fouled off a pitch from Luke Hochevar during Thursday's 15-7 Royals win over the Tigers, the ball headed right in between two Royals fans waiting on the upper deck. Both reached for it, and though the ball seemed to be covered with a slick coat of oil that would keep either from securing possession, it was eventually reeled in. 

As the old saying goes, two fans are better than one.

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