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Royals magical 2014 postseason is leading to baby boom in Kansas City

Royals 2014 postseason leads to Kansas City baby boom

Much has been written about the romance of a baseball game: The perfectly green grass like spring in bloom, the highly charged one-on-one battles between pitcher and batter, the foul lines like ley lines laid down by Eros himself. 

For Royals fans, this has led to at least one hospital setting a record this July for most babies born in a month with 473 -- this coming exactly nine months after Royals' magical World Series run. These newborns even carry reminders of Kansas City's first postseason berth in 29 years with names like Finnegan (for recently traded Royals reliever Brandon Finnegan), Holland (for the closer Greg Holland) and Everly Royal. While we can't be certain, we can only hope that there is a little Country Breakfast out there or perhaps even a postmodern #Yosted. 

Said one Royals fan, Erica Stock: 

"Apparently we were excited about the World Series.This baby was definitely a curveball - but a good one."

While Kansas City's population is currently 37th among American cities, if the first place Royals make another postseason run, we may just see that ranking rise at a speedy pace.

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