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Relive all the confetti, crowns and mic drops from the Royals' World Series parade

Relive all the madness of the Royals' WS parade

The Royals took home their first World Series title in 30 years on Sunday and, on Tuesday, the Royals brought the Commissioner's Trophy back home for an epic, city-wide parade:

Royals ad

Kansas City was already set to party, if its fountains were any indication:


They' even had Union Station, the parade's final stop, all decked out:


Check out more photos of KC feeling Royal here. As for the parade itself, well, it's safe to say there wasn't much business getting done in Kansas City:

And by "much business" we mean "absolutely no business," because more or less the entire city showed up:

KC crowd

All told, over 800,000 fans made it out for the day. 

We know what happens when thousands upon thousands of people are in one place at the same time:

Fans had to pull out all the stops just to get a view:

Tree fans

The team even brought in foreign dignitaries to mark the occasion:


Whoops, sorry. We meant this foreign dignitary:

Royals fan king

Kids were excited to be out of school:

What does many Royals fans look look like? A little something like this: 


And they were excited:

And newly crowned World Series MVP Salvador Perez took some time to greet -- and, uh, sign -- some of his adoring fans:

Perez signs fan

The Moose arrived in style:

KC broadcaster Rex Hudler called Yost's raising of the trophy:

A bear stopped by to do a quick interview:

George Brett offered his congratulations:

Salvy chanted for, um, himself:

But, as it turns out, the huge crowds and signs and parades were all mere prelude to the moment Jonny Gomes announced himself as the emcee of the proceedings:

And introduced "mic flip" into the baseball lexicon:

Gomes mic flip

Hey, you know what they say: To the victors go the right to toss audio equipment.

Parade confetti

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