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This baby named 'Royal' is pumped the Royals are headed back to the World Series

Screenshot via WIBW.

So, we know that the Mets are headed to the World Series in part because of Jerry Seinfeld's magic sneakers. And now we know that their opponent from Kansas City made it back-to-back AL pennants because of a magic baby named … Royal.

Royal Titus Overmyer was born earlier this October, just as the team's postseason run was heating up, and things seem to have gone pretty well for the Royals since then. It may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the Royals' success inspiring the name, and thus the name spurring the Royals' continued success, but who are we to deny the power of a magic baseball-named baby?

"We love our boys in blue," Royal's mom Audra, who's a lifelong Royals fan, told WIBW. And there was a practical reason for her son's name, too: "It was the only name that me and my fiance could agree on."

And now that we have one Royal, it's only a matter of how many baby names will be inspired by the team this month. Considering 2014's WS run led to a baby boom in K.C. -- including names like "Everly Royal" -- it won't be long before schools in Missouri are populated by hundreds of students named after Ned Yost, Lorenzo Cain and the rest of the "boys in blue."

Watch Audra's whole interview here: