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Marvel at the spectacular catch Rusty Greer made to save Kenny Rogers' perfect game

Marvel at Rusty Greer's perfect game-saving catch

On July 28, 1994, Kenny Rogers was three outs away from becoming the first Ranger and the 12th person in MLB history to pitch a perfect game. He'd been sailing along at a smooth clip (the entire game finished in two hours and eight minutes), striking out eight and, according to the New York Times, not even thinking about the perfecto.

Luckily, someone else was. Rogers started the ninth inning with a pitch that California Angels second baseman Rex Hudler lined into right-center … but thankfully, rookie Rusty Greer swooped in to save the day. Yes, this is a genuine caped crusader-worthy swoop:


"I was going to give it my best effort whether I caught it or not," Greer said.

"Rusty Greer, gosh, what can you say after a guy makes a catch like that?" [said Rogers.]

We'd assume "thanks" would do, especially since Greer also caught the final out of the game, sealing Rogers' place in baseball history.

Greer's own historical record is a little more abstract. Though he may not be atop the record books, over his nine years with the Rangers, his much-beloved athletic style of play gave us moments like this:


Cirque du Soleil: Greer and Eckstein? We're already buying our tickets. 

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