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Ryan Kalish and Gabe Kapler discuss mani-pedis, life

Boston outfielder Ryan Kalish and retired journeyman Gabe Kapler had a fun little Twitter conversation today that left us baffled.

It started when Kalish tweeted about manicures, making sure to note that he's #selfsufficient.

Kapler then repied with some healthy, athlete-to-athlete advice.

But Kalish was all "O I KNO"

And then, for some reason, this conversation reminded Gabe Kapler of something he needed to tell Kalish personally.

And Kalish was on it.

What on earth? What's suddenly so important? Are they sharing secret techniques for pedicures? Maybe it's a Groupon for some special, MLB-only spa? Does Kapler want the number for Victorino's shoe guy?

-- Dakota Gardner /

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