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Sad Jack White's baseball tour of America continues with visit to Hall of Fame

Jack White's Baseball Tour continues at Hall of Fame

The Summer of 2014 will go down in history for a number of reasons: Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter, Yoenis Cespedes winning his second consecutive Home Run Derby, the Derek Jeter Farewell Tour. But, when school children crack open their time capsules some 20 years from now, it'll be this gloomy face staring back at them:

That's right, the most important storyline of the 2014 Major League Baseball season has been Sad Jack White's Sad Baseball Tour of America (*sad face emoticon goes here*). White's been traveling the country taking in ballgames and tossing out first pitches. He took BP with the Rockies (and pouted), cheered on his hometown Tigers during a visit to Yankee Stadium (we use "cheered" loosely), and moped his way through a trip to Wrigley Field.

On Tuesday, Jack White's Sad Baseball Circus rolled into Cooperstown for a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame, where White posed with an Al Kaline Tigers jersey and got his gloved hands on what looks like a historically relevant mitt:

THAT'S ALMOST A SMILE, JACK. We're growing on him, you guys. Can't wait to see him feign interest and roll his eyes instead of just falling asleep at an LCS game next month. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.