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Safeco employee retires with ceremonial first pitch

Most people get a firm handshake, or if they're lucky, an intimate little cupcake party when they retire from their job. King County Deputy Tim Morgan got to throw out the first pitch before a Major League Baseball game.

After spending the past six years of his 27-year law-enforcement career conducting explosive detection sweeps of Safeco Field, Morgan and his 7-year-old black labrador Steve retired on Friday.

The duo, which has been together since Steve was a 14-month-old puppy, conducted one last sweep before taking the mound to throw out the first pitch prior to the Mariners-Angels game.

“Our searches here are random, the areas we search are random, the days that we search are random, and I think that’s important,” Morgan said about the sweeps.

-- Krista Staudinger / Real-Time Correspondent

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