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This high school baseball team's good luck charm is a goat they bought online

Photo credit: Patrick Record/

Goats in baseball aren't usually associated with good luck. But last weekend, Michigan's Saline High School took home a regional championship. Sure, this might have something to do with the team's stellar pitching and well-timed hitting. Or it might have everything to do with their new mascot. According to

"I woke up one morning thinking we needed a team goat," Saline starter Josh Smith said. "I can't really explain it."

How could he explain the strange feeling of emptiness he felt looking at a dugout populated only by humans? How could he put into words the recurring dreams he'd had about the 1913 Milwaukee Brewers opening their mouths and emitting piercing, incomprehensible shouts

He needed a goat, and soon: 

Thankfully, Smith and his teammates were able to locate a goat via Craigslist, and drove all the way to Davisburg, Mich. (66 miles away from Saline, according to Google Maps) to get it:  

Junior, as the goat is known, attended every home game in the regular season, and is guaranteed a seat at the state quarterfinal on Tuesday at the University of Michigan.