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Reminder: Sean Casey was once thrown out at first base ... from LEFT field

Sean Casey was thrown out from left field in 2006

Jose Bautista threw out two runners at first base during this weekend's Royals-Blue Jays series. His first victim was Billy Butler on a hard hit ball to right field during Thursday's game.

Bautista throws

And the second putout came against Omar Infante on Friday, although it was more Infante's fault for not running than anything else.


Getting thrown out at first base from right field can be embarrassing, but it does happen (19 times in the last 14 years to be exact). You know what doesn't really ever happen? Getting thrown out at first base from LEFT field. Alas, witness Sean Casey in 2006.


To give The Mayor some credit, it did look like Joe Crede caught the line drive off the bat. Casey was upset at the time, but has since looked back and laughed at the rare 7-3 putout. 

So, don't feel too bad, Billy and Omar.

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