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Sean O'Sullivan snares liner with bare hand, has no sympathy for his fellow pitcher

O'Sullivan snares line drive with his bare hand

Life as a pitcher in the National League is hard enough as it is. You've got a super-prospect coming up seemingly every other week, and then someone's actually cruel enough to make you turn around and have to swing a piece of wood at a tiny white ball moving all over the place at high speed. The results: oy

So you'd expect that adversity to foster some kind of pitcher-to-pitcher brotherhood, a mutual understanding that -- hey, man, we know you've got it rough, and we're here for you.

Well, Phillies starter Sean O'Sullivan apparently never got that memo. When fellow pitcher-in-arms A.J. Burnett managed to defy the odds and hit a little line drive during Tuesday's Pirates-Phillies game, O'Sullivan responded not with kindness and support, but the cold, bare hand of the law:

O'Sullivan Grab

Look at that swing, Sean. Does that look like the swing of a man who deserves to be robbed of even the slightest chance at a hit? Pitchers fly together, man!

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