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Search for Raul Ibanez foul ball quickly devolves into a zombie nightmare

Search for Raul Ibanez foul ball becomes a zombie nightmare

When Raul Ibanez hit a foul ball into an unoccupied part of Progressive Field during Tuesday night's Angels-Indians game, we all assumed it was just that: another foul ball in a game that sees dozens of them. 

But no. Not this time. This time, something went horribly, terrifyingly wrong. 

First, a fan sprinted after the ball. As if someone or something was chasing him. 


Fortunately, he was soon joined in the hunt by another fan. But they made the biggest mistake one can make in a horror film: They split up


Sure enough, once separated the two boys were soon joined by a number of "walkers" out in search of fresh foul balls. 


"Braaaains. I need brai-- I mean, foul baaaaalls. I need foul baaaaaalls." 

Sadly, just like the cure for zombism in The Walking Dead, Raul Ibanez's foul ball was never found.


Or was it?! 

(No. No, it wasn't.) 

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